Fleet Feet Holiday Waffle Run


Turkey Day is over! Now it is time to celebrate the Holiday weekend with our annual Holiday Waffle Run! At Fleet Feet Fort Wayne 5661 Coventry Lane Fort Wayne, Indiana 46804. Our 7th Annual Holiday Waffle Run will be on Small Business Saturday November 30th, 2019. We hope you are ready for some running and Waffles!  We are offering three distances for those interested in running the Saturday after Thanksgiving. A 5k, a 5 mile and the 1st annual Drumstick 1/2 marathon event. All three runs will be FREE and unsupported social runs. Your pace and your safety are your own responsibility. 

The 5k and 5 Mile Runs
The 5k and 5 mile runs start from the Fleet Feet Fort Wayne store location at 9:00 am and will finish at the same place you start.  We will have group leaders, maps and marking along the course to make sure you make it there and back without any problems.  The 5 mile run will start from the store venture through Lutheran Trail system, then part of the Towpath and back on Aboite. The 5k Run will start at the Fleet Feet Store venture through the Lutheran Trail System for an out and back route.

Drumstick 1/2 Marathon
The Drumstick 1/2 Marathon will begin at the Fleet Feet Store at 8:00 am and finish at the Fleet Feet Fort Wayne store. Remember this is an unsupported run, but we will have course leaders, maps and marking along the route so you get from out and back course without getting lost. The course follows a large portion of the Tow Path Trail/ Greenway.

All participants will come home to hot coffee, juice and the best waffles available. All for free on Small Business Saturday (peanut butter, maple syrup, Nutella plates and forks will also be provided for your dining pleasure as well). 

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