Winter Warrior FAQs


1.  How do I earn points and what do they get me?

  • Join Winter Warriors for $100 (online or in store)

  • Check in/out at any run you attend and earn points for each run.

  • View the Winter Warrior Rules for details on points, how to earn them and what you get.

2.  Can I run on my own, on vacation or participate in a race and still get points?

  • No. You must attend a Winter Warrior run and check in AND out with Fleet Feet to earn points.

3. How do I check to see how many points I have?

  • If you are new to Fleet Feet Training Groups, you will need to join Fitvil. Click Here for information on how to create an account.

  • If you have previously participated in Winter Warriors or other Fleet Feet Fort Wayne training groups, login into your Fitvil account using your email or username and a password. After you are logged in, click on My Groups in the upper right corner. You will find the groups you are a part of. Your points will be found in Winter Warriors 2020. Click on the number under the heading "Points" to check the points you've accrued up to that date.

4. I don’t know my Fitvil password.

  • You will need to do a password recovery at login of  Fleet Feet Fort Wayne does not have access to your password.

5.  What is Fitvil. I keep hearing about this. Do I need this?

  • Fitvil is our web based platform for registration, group check in/out and email communication.  Click Here for more info on joining Fitvil.

  • Yes, you do need a Fitvil account to participate in Fleet Feet groups.

  • Fitvil has additional features that allow you to log and journal your runs, routes, shoe mileage, stats and activities and a calendar for your group runs.  These are optional.

  • Fitvil gives you access to pdf documents that your group needs such as training plans or flyers.

  • Fitvil connects your keycard with your account allowing check in/out for any Fleet Feet groups you are registered for.

  • You can also check in and out using the Fitvil mobile app. Check in is on the front page of the app (click the green check mark) and check out will be on the same page (click the orange mark). You will not be checked out until the check mark turns grey.

6. What is a keycard and how do I get one?

  • You are issued a keycard the first time you register for a Fleet Feet Fort Wayne group. This card attaches to your keychain and allows a fast check in process.

  • If you have never picked up your keycard it is available at the store.

  • Your keycard follows you through every group you participate in with Fleet Feet Fort Wayne.  If you lose it, a new card can be purchased for $5.

7. Is there a keyboard to hold my keys/wallet while I run?

  • Runs held at Fleet Feet have a key board to use.  Off site runs do NOT have a key box so plan accordingly.

  • Consider hiding valuables in the trunk of your car and using the handy key pockets in your technical running apparel to hold your keys during your runs.

8.  Where do I find the routes for the weekly Winter Warrior runs?

  • We post the routes for each run on the Winter Warriors Facebook group.  You will receive a link upon online registration to join this group or you can contact us at

  • At the run location, you will find a copy of the route for that run.

9. Where do we meet for the runs?

  • We post info on routes in our Winter Warrior Facebook Group. 

  • Once you are registered, your Fitvil account will give you access to a calendar of all runs, locations and times.

10. Can I run longer or further than the routes posted for a given run?

  • Yes, BUT we ask that you finish the designated route, check OUT and then continue on your run.

  • We watch the “check in/out” list to make sure everyone has arrived back safely.  If you have not checked back out we may consider looking on the planned route for lost/injured runners or begin calling you or your emergency contact.  

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Program Start: Thursday January 2nd, 2020
Program Schedule: Tuesday's, Thursday's and Saturday's through February 22nd
Program Fee: $100
Description: Stay in shape over the winter and stick to that New Year's resolution! Join us as we run through the cold, and snow of the winter wonderland. Participate in challenges with our winter social running/mystery workout program! Earn points and prizes for runs & mystery workouts you attend. Will you be crowned Winter Warrior 2020 this year??
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